UT Austin Apartments: The Ultimate Guide for First-Time Renters

Out in the Dorm, In with the Apartment If you’re one of the 51,000+ students in attendance at UT Austin, it’s likely that at some point throughout your college career, you’ll be putting a signature down on the lease of your first apartment. And while off-campus housing certainly has its perks, there are several factors

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Things To Do In Austin Texas

Austin is increasingly becoming the heart of Texas culture, with Houston and Dallas overspilling by the year; Austin is fast developing into a creative and colorful environment in which to surround yourself. There are tons to do away from the primary tourist sites such as the Capitol or Graffiti Park. As exciting as they are, they

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Why UT Austin Has A Better Social Scene Than Other Colleges

According to the UT news study, UT Austin is one of the top higher learning institutions in the country specializing in Business, Engineering, and History, and Sociology.  With over 50,000 students enrolled at the university in any given year.  Austin is known as a college town, is bubbling with cultural concoctions, ranging from international and

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Easy Ways To Live A Greener Existence

We all want to live a bit greener, don’t we? You help the environment, and you help your wallet. There aren’t many better causes out there! Here are a few steps you can take in your daily life to have a greener day. Some are obvious, but others not as much. Don’t drive so fast

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