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Living in apartments near UT Austin and the ACC campus is a practical choice for students wanting to avoid commute time. The Westside Group can help you find a place near campus and on a budget. Whether you’re tired of dormitory housing or just looking for a more independent lifestyle, we have studio, one-bedroom, or two-bedroom floor plans available. Our properties are priced and rented per unit — an excellent value for anyone who prefers to live on the west university side of town. 

Bring a roommate if you’d like, but we’re not going to force you to have one!  These residential apartment buildings are a quick walk, bike ride, or drive to the campus, which means that if you’re a UT Austin and ACC student, we can help keep that transport expense low.

West Campus is one of the city’s most popular areas for living, dining, shopping, and everything in between. Not to mention, with the university’s more than 50 Greek organizations and 1,000+ student organizations registered through the university, there is bound to be an organization for you. If you’re an active member of the UT Austin student body, West Campus is worth considering for off-campus apartments. The accessibility makes it one of the sought-after areas in Central Austin.

West University Apartments

Equally convenient with other nearby areas like Clarksville, the West Campus (also known as West University) is the second most bike-friendly area in the city after North Campus.  Should you spend more of your time traveling by car?  The free parking permit included for every unit in each property certainly helps alleviate the pain of finding parking.  If you prefer to walk from your West Campus apartment, you can expect, at most, under 15-minute time to campus. Many choose to walk down Guadalupe Street (aka “The Drag”).  This street is a major hub for most buses in the neighborhood.

University life aside, there’s no shortage of activities to partake in after class. Our selected apartments near UT Austin, like The Montage, West Campus Flats, Rio Grande Square, Diplomat, Barranca, and Envoy, are some of Austin’s best college student apartments for independent living.  These are minutes away from some of the city’s best theaters, comedy clubs, live music, and food trucks. The Spider House doubles as both a cafe for daytime studying and a late-night venue for beers and live music.

On and Off-Campus Student Housing

If you are looking for campus accommodation, the university offers on-campus dormitories that they manage.  Usually, these are on a first-come basis and may require a long list of qualifications.  On the contrary, our off-campus apartments in the west campus are an alternative to this housing and will put you equally close by and get to class on time. Being so close allows you to walk or bike and forgo the frustration of parking a vehicle near campus.  It avoids the possibility of dealing with the financial burden of parking passes and the inevitable parking violations. 


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About the University of Texas at Austin and Off-Campus Living

In the heart of Downtown Austin lies the thriving University of Texas at Austin, a place where more than 50,000 students and 21,000 faculty adhere to the college motto, “What starts here changes the world.” Many famous Longhorns have made their mark on the world.  To name a few, the renowned astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson and technologist/businessman Michael Dell.

The West Campus area, also known as the west university, hums with activity, whether it be cheering on the Longhorns at a football game or conducting cutting-edge research in various exciting fields. Besides, the campus vicinity is also quite beautiful.  There is the visibility of the older Spanish renaissance buildings in the area. Between 29th and MLK to the north and south, and Guadalupe and Lamar to the east and West, it’s easy to say that West Campus is truly in the heart of UT Austin’s student residential area. Students living in the independently-run apartments near UT Austin enjoy the proximity to historic Hyde Park, known to locals and students alike as North Campus or North University.

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