Best Coffee Shops in Austin by Student Perspective

students at coffee shops in austin
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Most of us love coffee. It’s the lifeblood of the nation and it’s easy to see why. The fresh brew in the morning before a long day of working, studying or even having the motivation to swing your legs out of bed. Most of us live, drink and breathe coffee. Forget that our bodies are 70% water, try 70% coffee. So it’s essential that you know the best places to go to get the best coffee. Here are the three best coffee shops in Austin to satisfy your caffeine kick.

La Tazza Fresca

Cozy and relaxing experience with great wi-fi speed for your study pleasure. Located on the 37th and Guadalupe Streets, a coffee shop to hang out while waiting for your laundry or getting your car oil changed nearby. What a multi-task to make use of student time! They have variety of hot and cold drinks, selection of bakery products. Their pie is a local favorite.

Bennu Coffee

Located in two locations, one on E MLK and the other on South Congress. Covering the regions, this coffee shop has a rich tradition and an even finer tasting cup of Joe. Known for creating an environment that grabs you almost immediately, Bennu Coffee is frequented by Austinites from all parts of town.

Located a few bus stops away from West Campus and a stone’s throw from downtown at South Congress, Bennu Coffee is the perfect place to stop off after a morning run. Known for creating coffee concoctions seasonally, Bennu is always something new just in time for the holidays. If you’re not in the mood for French Press especially on a hot Austin summer day, enjoy a cold beverage of equally-parallel quality. Best part is that you can get your fix at any time of the day with twenty-four-hour service.

Lucky Lab

Strutting off from Guadalupe, Lucky Lab is a quaint venue that has an efficient indoor and outdoor serving system. If you’re not looking to fight queues indoors, you can stand in line outside and receive a similarly-friendly experience.

Known for their fresh and crisp coffee selection, students especially rave about Lucky Lab. Reasonably priced and less busy than Starbucks across the street. It’s a win-win situation. Their logo is a dog which is a sticker attached to the side of every cup, anyone with that in their hand knows where good coffee is made.

Mozart’s On Lake Austin

mozarts coffee lake austin tx
Mozarts Coffee Shop at Christmas on Lake Austin

A short drive from West Campus UT area is Lake Austin.  A picturesque location where you can enjoy coffee by the lake.  A great study spot for students or an awesome place to hang out with friends, Mozart’s has it all.

Christmas time is the best time to visit.  They hold a lights show around the area and as you enjoy a late-night brew you can lose yourself in the artistic nature of the lights. The ambience and coffee combination make this a killer choice.

Wherever you enjoy your brew, you’ll need it to last you — Austin is a great place for brilliant coffee, don’t miss out!

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