6 Reasons Why You Should Consider Living Off But Near The UT Austin Campus

students living near ut austin campus
Students in Austin Getting Ready to Move Out from Dorm

The University of Texas is big… Really big. In total, over 51,100 students study there every semester, and the university employs over 3,000 teachers and faculty members. It is among the top 75 universities of the world, and as of the 2017-2018 school year, it is the 7th largest in the US.

The University of Texas at Austin has a massive campus.  It covers 434 acres of urban space, yet only about 18% of enrolled students live on-campus. When you are a student and looking for place to live, it is important to stay as close to campus as possible for a variety of reasons, but dorms are expensive, and put limitations on the kind of lifestyle you can have as a student. Living in a dorm is a unique experience, but loses its charm after the first semester, or two. Trust the students have been here a while and live in private studios, to study freely, work in your spare time, and enjoy Austin, living off-campus is the best option.

Cheaper Than A Dorm

The cheapest price we could find for a UT Austin dorm is over $1,300/mo. You can see for yourself here. The lowest price listed is $12,277 on a 9-month lease, which equals $1,364/month.  Keeping in mind that this includes room and limited board, this price is still considered far too high by many students and parents for living in a shared bedroom and having access to a community bathroom. Compare this to a one-bedroom or studio apartments near downtown by The Westside Group that you can have to yourself for under $1,000/month.

Experience The Wonders Of The City

Living on campus can isolate students from the larger city, and who wants to do that in a city like Austin? West Campus has its own community and charm where you are sure to find something to do on any given night. As far as North Campus goes, what’s better than having the activity of a city and the scenery of a suburb? Not to mention, living in these areas will allow you to have that pet you can take on hikes (more on that later).

You Get Easy Access To All Of The University’s Resources

Living in apartments near to campus means you have the opportunity to experience university life to the fullest, without being bound to a tiny cramped room of a dorm. The University of Texas’ library is the best in the area, with resources that are necessary to help you succeed. It has several fully functioning computer labs, a large library, and Wi-Fi access all across campus. Living near campus gives you the ability to access all these resources.

You Can Get Away With Not Having A Car

Austin is not known for great public transportation, and because the city is so large, taking one of the buses isn’t always a sensible option. Car2Go, Ride Austin, Uber, Lyft and a plethora of bike trails all around town fill this need for affordable transportation. For example, Car2Go is a service that allows you to rent/pick up a car from where it is parked, drive it to where you need to go, and then leave it parked somewhere else when you are finished.

Although, when living in West Campus, or North Campus, sometimes the quickest mode of transportation is walking! Nothing compares to going from A to B and not paying a cent, having to find parking, or sitting in traffic. This is the luxury of living close to campus as a student.

Dorms Don’t Love Man’s Best Friend

dog parks in austin downtown
Auditorium Shores Dog Park Downtown Austin

Austin has a multitude of dog parks, walking routes, vets and other amenities needed for pet health and happiness.  Austin is also home to multiple pet-themed festivals and events throughout the year, such as the Golden Retriever Zilker Meet Up and Weiner Dog Races. In addition, you’ll find no end to the amount of walking trails surrounding your new off-campus apartment. Try out some of our famous dog-friendly restaurants.  Don’t leave your pup behind or miss out on the opportunity to enjoy having your little companion in beautiful Austin.

Live In Your Home Year Round

Dorms generally close up during the summer semester, as well as during winter break. This leaves students who want to remain in the area for a job or to take summer classes without many options. Living in an apartment gives you the ability to study all year, and not have to move so often. There will be far fewer upheavals to interfere with your education.

Learning, working and living in your own apartment in Austin is an amazing opportunity for students. Not only is the University of Texas one of the top schools in the nation, but there is no end to the benefits of living near campus. The joys of Austin, Texas are boundless, as are the benefits of studying and living in this wonderfully diverse and thriving city. 

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